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Taking the Key

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Our Story

For centuries, keys have been the tool to unlock things. From padlocks to front doors, none are alike and very few are interchangeable. Focus Forward holds a different type of key - the key to providing the space to do what you do best. 

Our services are designed to help you move from being stuck in the back office to focusing your time where it will have the greatest impact. 

Our Vision

Focus Forward empowers financial advice teams to increase economic success, enhance client experiences, and grow exponentially by using our core competency of operational excellence.


Client Meeting Support

Being well-prepared for client meetings is essential to providing the best possible client experience. Being efficient with meeting follow-up and addressing items identified during the meeting will show clients professionalism and organization.

New Business

Ensuring new business is executed in a timely fashion is crucial to the client experience and the vitality of your business. Focus Forward has mastered the new business forms and  application processes across all the business lines your team work with, whether it's a brand-new client or working within existing accounts. 


Investment Management

Managing a client's investments is critical to client retention and confidence in your firm. Focus Forward offers robust investment management services to support your team and clients as your manage and safeguard assets. 

Client Experience

There are many facets that foster an environment where clients have a good experience with your firm. Focus Forward provides the following services to support two essential factors in managing the client experience; 1) measuring and understanding how clients thing and feel; and 2) responding effectively and efficiently to client requests for service. 

Financial Planning

Onboarding new clients to financial planning and demonstrating the value of ongoing planning is a cornerstone for any wealth management business. Financial Planning programs require acute attention to detail and high-level strategic thinking and support.


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